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DJ Charlie Rae

Charlie Rae is a British born Radio Presenter/ Producer and DJ from Nottingham, East Midlands. Her broadcasting career began back in 2009 on a local community radio station hosting the successful radio programme The Grooveline Show which specialises in 70s & 80s Funk, Soul, Rare Grooves, and Boogie Beats. Over the years, she has demonstrated her passion and extensive knowledge for the genre and has since gained herself a reputation as Nottinghams first lady of Funk & Soul. To hear Charlie Rae live on The Grooveline Show, tune in to Dancegroove Radio every Tuesday evening from 8pm - 10pm (CET) or 7pm - 9pm (GMT).

DJ Schedule


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Monday - "24/7 Nonstop Stream"

Tuesday - "The Grooveline"with DJ Charlie Rae - 20:00 - 22:00

Wednesday - "24/7 Nonstop Stream"

Thursday - "The Funk Fellowship"with DJ YTee - 21:00 - 00:00

Friday - "Friday Night Sessions "with DJ Pitched - 20:00 - 22:00

Saturday - "DJ Santi Live Show- 21:00 - 23:00"

Sunday - "24/7 Nonstop Stream"

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YTee has been a DJ since 1981 when at 15 years old was released on a school programme to learn all aspects of radio for a while with a local BBC station in the UK. He has been a professional DJ throughout his adult life playing many pub and club residencies in the South East of England. And has finally found his musical home here at Dancegroove Radio and with the perfect face and hair for radio is eager to play the 80’s funk and soul classics every Thursday night on his show called ' The Funk Fellowship DJ Ytee is taking Requests

DJ Pitched

DJ Pitched is a Dutch DJ and Producer and has a long record as DJ on both pirate and online radio as well in the Amsterdam club scene. He started to get interested in music since he got his first stereo at a young age. On school parties he provided the music and sold music tapes with self desigend covers to his crowd to be able to build his record collection. DJ Pitched grabbed his opportunity to work behind the scenes as producer as well. And now after several years of silence he is back every Friday on Dance Groove Radio with his program Friday Night Sessions. DJ Pitched is taking Requests

DJ Santi

Deejay Santi Saturday Night Live show, straight from Argentina you are welcome to listen and talk with him in the chatroom. Deejay Santi Is taking possible Requests!

DJ Ego

DJ Ego plays once in a while on DanceGroove Radio. Likes oldschool dance, disco & funk, but likes also slow jams & new RnB. Ego always plays "theme" tracks in his show.

DJ Toney C

Toney Clinton started playing the funky music in 1983 in Amsterdam on the Disco/Funk FM-pirate radio stations "Radio Disco Action" "A.Q.S" and "Satellite Action"
Toney plays once in a while on DanceGroove Radio straight from his Funky Basement.