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Marky Good Groove
Post # 596
23.04.2020 | 21:19

Top Boy YTee
YTee top boy!
Post # 595
18.04.2020 | 21:40

thx for the groovy time
Post # 594
14.04.2020 | 20:05

hello everyone
Post # 593
27.03.2020 | 17:24

London, UK
Post # 592
17.03.2020 | 12:58

A big thank you to all the DGR crew for keeping the funk alive during such a testing time (Covid-19). Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and appreciate all the tunes which are being listened to while self-isolation.
Peace and love to all. Be safe and be kind.
Post # 591
14.03.2020 | 18:12

Yeahhh, Funk-ing the virus out of my body. 40+ here, my wife and I are dacing to these like mad, kids too... Keep on Dance groove. Totsens to you'all old timers.
Conde Micallef
Post # 590
11.03.2020 | 02:15

Remembering the great Producer/Writer/ Musician, Trinidad born Keith Alexander aka Keith Diamond who would have been 70 today.
Apart from his own band (The Dip) he produced/wrote for Sinnamon (Thanks To You), Rafael Cameron, Anthony Franklin (Hot Number), Richard Jon Smith, Billy Ocean, Melba Moore, Starpoint, James Ingram, Jonathan Butler(Overflowing)and more. He truly was the master of his game!
Germany , Wuppertal
Post # 589
07.03.2020 | 08:13

Since 6 months I listen to the BEST STATION all night long...okay,all morning long wink

My girlfriend is becoming depressive `Oh no,not again...your 70´s-80´s station every day ! Can we listen to another station ?´

Nooo ! big grin

It´s good that I found you on my internet radio ( while I was searching for another station and I found DANCEGROOVE by chance )
Always good luck for DANCE GROOVE station !

Back to memories - born in 1967 - when I´m listening to this fabulous tracks here ! BEST STATION , big fan , groove on !

Thank you for all this kind of music !

P.S.: SHALAMAR & Rene + Angela..IMMENSE !
Mariusz Zerucha
Lodz | Poland
Post # 588
06.03.2020 | 13:49

Good Afternoon!
The one and only station with the music I love from 1978!!!
I've been playing soul and funk in polish disco and radio programmes, was no popular at all.
Can I have a musical suggestion, please?
1. Gary Byrd feat. Stevie Wonder "The Crown"
2. Joe Bataan "Rap-o-Clap-o"
3. Bobby Thurston "You got what it takes"
4. M-Zee Band "Doctor Rhythm"
If it is possible, in full extended versions please!!!
Greetings from Poland
Marky Good Groove
Maidstone | England
Post # 587
13.02.2020 | 22:43

YTee I’m all cozied up with Ian. Loving the tunes.
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