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Post # 152
07.03.2009 | 09:44

Hello from Lübeck!

This is my favorite station ... absolutely brilliant *hrrr* smile

Tnx for the perfect sound!

Christoph B.
GER Frankfurt am Main
Post # 151
06.03.2009 | 01:25

Hello fantastic Dance Groove Radio Crew!

You're really playing THEEE one and only Imagination. big grin

Listen to your beats just simply makes me feelin good. A very BIG thank you for this and please keep on going, going and going... wink

mugu maga aba
Post # 150
04.03.2009 | 13:04

i lov u all
Rod Perry
Dallas, Texas
Post # 149
28.02.2009 | 23:34

I'm in my mid-30s, so thanks Dancegroove for taking me back to the jams I grew up on...
Since I spent part of my childhood in Nebraska, I missed out on some of the decade's R&B/funk, and I appreciate that you folks don't do the hits that have been all played out, but songs that peaked at #72 or #90 on the Billboard 100 will get in the mix. So, I'm always hearing something new. Keep it comin... big grin
Gary Walden
Essex, England
Post # 148
23.02.2009 | 14:16

Hey everyone. I am starting a 70's & 80's soul, funk & disco night over at Ancient Lights, Chelmsford, Essex this Saturday, 28th Feb. 9 til'1. Come and say hi! and keep the scene alive!!!
Post # 147
21.02.2009 | 00:31

Been hearing some tunes from the back of the record it!
Big respect to DJ Pieter, Toney C and and all the DGR DJ's and staff.
Big hello and regards to Conde, DJ Ruud, Angel, Madcoins, Felix, DJHK and the regulars in the chat rooms...great selection and knowledge, everytime!
Keep the funk alive people!
Post # 146
20.02.2009 | 21:47

I listen to your radio station 24/7, the best music in really brings back memories.Keep it up DJ's you are doing a marvellous job.
Colin Kinghorn
Post # 145
20.02.2009 | 21:38

Hi from London! I recently discovered DGR and I cannot express how thrilled I am for having the opportunity to re-live my memories of that time (as a former club dj in Zambia, Southern Africa). Im passing the word about your station to all my mates.Keep up the great work!
Post # 144
17.02.2009 | 14:05

Hey to all of you - nice sound !!
Post # 143
15.02.2009 | 20:14

OMG!! can't imagine my suprise when i stumbleupon this little pieace of heaven with so many beatiful tunes...from now on this is my favorite radio.Keep on groovin!
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